Global distribution platform for B2B

3Dealy is the first secure online distribution marketplace in b2b for printable CAD-designs.

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New efficient supply chain

3Dealy represents the modern and efficient supply chain, resulting in virtual manufacturing.

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3D printing and securitization

3Dealy platform uses the API-securitization and copy-right protection.

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Online shop functionality for distributors

Easy and smart online shopping interface with components “similar to Amazon“.

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Manufacture and deliver products on place
with 3Dealy secure 3D printing service

Global marketplace for additive manufacturing

  • Sell rights to print your 3D models
  • Authorize distributors and manage their access to your products

New generation of supply chain

  • Manufacture products at the point of use
  • Eliminate overproduction and out-of-stock risks
  • Reduce production capacities and storage costs
  • Decrease E2E delivery time and increase end-customer satisfaction

Full sales control

  • Online shop functionality for distributors
  • Live time sales statistics
  • API-based export of data to ERP/data warehouse/cloud storage etc.

IP protection

  • We protect your intellectual property by using an encrypted layer-by-layer streaming method
  • Your 3D models are never exposed to the public (even not to the distributors)

Boost your production and sales

Deliver whole product spectrum. Everywhere. With minimum logistics costs.

For manufacturers

Be prepared for 21st century delivery method

Meanwhile additive manufacturing becomes more and more attractive due to decreasing material and production capacities and costs. There are some risks to handle with, when manufacturers start to produce goods at the endpoint of their use. First of all, digital intellectual property requires sustainable copyright protection in order to avoid a possible know-how loss. 3Dealy protects your printable content and let your customers access the whole spectrum of products all over the world.

Your stats have never been so clear and up to date

Choosing 3Dealy as secure trading platform for printable designs, manufacturers gather not only the most advanced delivery service, but also great live reporting features. Whether the actual sales statistics, financial reports, or live time printer capacitties, with 3Dealy you are always provided with up to date statistics.

API-driven import and export

For big companies which have already integrated some kind of ERP system (like SAP), we offer our API for importing and exporting data to and from our system. Utilizing our API allows you bulk import your products' data directly into 3Dealy platform and export all kind of sales statistics into your ERP-software.


Our Team

Time proved composition of business, technology and innovation experience

Dimitri Kishkurno

Dimitri is involved in crafting the company culture, shaping the price strategy, and innovating future growth opportunities for our business partners and clients

Kirill Babich

Kirill drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways for companies to manufacture and distribute their products in the most efficient way

Alexander Rezun

Alex oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a world-class product that can change the world and make 3Dealy as the benchmark of the high potential industry

Even more great features

Our business partner, Authentise, allows us to provide you with print monitoring and secure design delivery

Print monitoring

The print monitoring tool uses an off-the-shelf webcam to monitor your print progress with cutting-edge computer vision.

If it detects a deviation from the intended build progress, you will be informed by email or text. You can also pause your print remotely and address the failure later saving time and material.

Print Security

Secure design delivery

Tht secure design delivery prepares and optimizes designs, securely streaming them directly to printers.

Security tools enable direct-to-machine design transfer. Ensure your content is protected from intellectual property theft, that integrity of the design is maintained, and that you get paid per print. Authority to print and business rule filter can be centrally administered and updated, the service is available as API and soon as hosted version.

3Dealy workflow

Following structure will give you an initial overview about how the 3Dealy

Sign-up and retailer registration

  • Opening manufacturer account on 3Dealy platform
  • Sending invitations to retailers
  • Opening a retailer account with invite on 3Dealy platform
  • Test printing and management of the print limitations
  • FAQ manufacturer and retailer
  • Uploading and shop management

  • Uploading the CAD models and setup retailer access
  • Setting shop prices and other settings
  • Test printing and management the print settings
  • Management of payment systems
  • Shop usage and printing

  • Printing out the products from the manufacturer shop
  • Online tracking of printing status
  • Quality management and feedback collection
  • Order management and statistics

  • Order management and payment status
  • Statistics and reports
  • Data export to external IT systems
  • 3Dealy access packages

    Our basic customer will have the opportunity to test the “Standard“ and the “Enterprise“ suite in limited version for 14 days

    • Basic
    • Basic suite is suggested for non commercial and small companies, as well for companies with small retailer network and medium security requirements
    • Unsecured printing
    • 0-5 retailer accounts
    • Commission fee*
    • No fixed payments
    • Contact us
    • Standard
    • Standard suite is suggested for mid-size companies, as well as for companies with medium sized retailer network and high security
    • Secured printing
    • 0-20 retailer licenses
    • Commission fee*
    • Fixed yearly payments
    • Limited statistics and reporting
    • Contact us
    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise suite is suggested for big enterprises, as well as for companies with big retailer network and high security requirements
    • Secured printing
    • Unlimited retailer licenses
    • Commission fee*
    • Fixed yearly payments
    • Full statistics and reporting
    • Data export
    • Contact us

    *Commision fee is the fixed share of transaction volume and depends on secured or unsecured printing option

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